Cheryl Metcalf
Efficacy of Upper Limb Robotics
Principal Investigator: Dr Cheryl Metcalf
Project Team: Prof. Jane Burridge, Prof. Silvestro Micera (ETHZ) & Kevin Hill
Date: 2008 - present
Health technologies may provide a solution to maintaining high-quality patient rehabilitation and care plans within the home or community setting following discharge. Following stroke, upper limb rehabilitation has historically been difficult to manage and optimise. The advantages of systems, such as upper limb robots, which can be used to provide repetitive and sustained rehabilitation, may improve upper limb functional outcomes following neurological impairment.

The following video illustrates the real-time function of the Vicon motion capture system being used to synchronise with a custom-made Virtual Reality game for the ARMEO robot.

The objective of this project was to the effect of rehabilitation robotic therapy on upper limb function when recovering from stroke.
Project Progress
This project has investigated the kinematic sequencing when using an upper limb rehabilitation robot.
Hill, K., Burridge, J.H., Micera, S. & Metcalf, C.D., 2011. Kinematics of Unimpaired Reach-to-Grasp during Robotic Assisted Reaching. XXIIIth Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics.

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