Cheryl Metcalf
HAWK: Musical Measurement
Principal Investor: Dr Cheryl Metcalf
Project Team: Professor David Owen Norris
Date: 2011 - present
A New Collaboration with Music
In a new and exciting collaboration with the Professor David Owen Norris, the HAWK algorithms will be applied to the hands of pianists while they are playing. This work has recently featured in the news; covered by BBC South Today and The Engineer and was showcased at the Univesity of Southampton's Multidisciplinary Research Week.

The unobtrusive set up of the HAWK marker set means that we are able to analyse the dynamic movements of the wrist, hand fingers and thumb while playing, and without interfering with the natural movements of the fingers. This is incredibly important when trying to analyse the techniques associated with complex, functional and creative activities.

More information about this work can be found on the BBC Health Website from the podcast below:

Metcalf, C.D., Irvine, T.A., Sims, J.L., Wang, Y.L., Su, A.W.Y. and Norris, D.O. Complex Hand Dexterity: A Review of Biomechanical Methods for Measuring Musical Performance. Frontiers in Psychology: Cognitive Science. Research Topic on Performance Science.
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